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AD LDS SSL woes   Leave a comment

This is a classic case of one of those problems you spend too much time on and the root cause is quite simple to resolve.

I created a new AD LDS installation last week and spent a bit of time plodding through the security side of things setting up a couple of AD LDS accounts and the appropriate delegation so that the appropriate service accounts could be used by the applications sitting either side of the directory service in only the intended manner.

Yesterday, I knocked up quickly the provisioning side of things in Forefront Identity Manager 2010 and pushed the accounts across just as a test and everything seemed fine. That changed when I added the code required for setting the initial password, at which point I started getting an error in FIM of the following nature:

  • In the FIM Synchronisation Service Manager output: cd-error
  • In the properties of the connection space object: “Illegal modify operation. Some aspect of the modification is not permitted.”

When I ran a quick test in LDP I connected just fine, but this was over 389 and without SSL. What I didn’t realise until I checked with the Microsoft FIM forums is that SSL connections are required if you’re going to be performing passwords sets (on the unicodePwd attribute).

So, no big deal. I added a certificate to the workgroup machine at the computer store level and thought I’d be good to go. Wrong!

Okay, so I’d seen this issure before where the service was configured to use the Network Service account, so I dug up this article ( and quickly ran through the directory permission changes required, restarted the AD LDS instance and tried again. Still no joy.

At this point I was feeling a bit lost. As you do, I checked the event log, and fortunately, the Security event log held the key to the problem. Here’s the event details:

Event ID: 5061
Source: Microsoft Windows Security Auditing
Keywords: Event Failure

Cryptographic Parameters:
Provider Name: Microsoft Software Key Storage Provider
Algorithm Name: Not Available.
Key Name: {removed}
Key Type: Machine key.

Cryptographic Operation:
Operation: Open Key.
Return Code: 0x80090011

So, I still had a problem opening the key, which was a little confusing as I expected the above article to have resolved that issue.

Fortunately, I had ProcessMonitor lying around on my machine, so running it remotely from the server proved to be the trick that solved the problem. When I ran it while filtering for the Result of Access Denied while trying to connect to AD LDS with LDP, I trapped the issue, and determined that the directory published in the Technet article didn’t apply! (This is while using AD LDS on Server 2008 R2)

So, the key I was meant to edit was actually under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\Keys. After finding the correct key, I simply added the Network Service account with Read access and LDP immediately was able to bind with the AD LDS account over SSL! (And so was FIM, more to the point!)

I’m not sure if R2 changed the location as was referenced in the Server 2008 Technet article, but for such a simple fix, it was an obscure troubleshooting process to have worked through!